Fisheries & Research

Every Muskie Release is a Conservation Action!

Muskies, Inc. works to conserve, protect, and restore North America’s Muskie Fisheries. Areas of concern include habitat preservation, water quality, water management policies, and the development / maintenance of self-sustaining fish populations.

Muskies, Inc. continues to seek out Elevate And Fund Research for local projects and activities that involve improving Muskie fisheries.

Giving Back

A primary function of our local Muskies, Inc. chapter is to raise funds to help our local MN DNR Fisheries Department as well as helping out students that wish to work in the field.

We give out an annual scholarship of at least $1,000 to a student in the Bemidji State University Aquatics Biology program. The funds are primarily raised through events we host throughout the year. We also give donations to the local Scouts and Bemidji Youth Hockey.

In addition to monetary donations, our members also volunteer the DNR in netting and tagging studies. Twice a year, we also get out and help clean up the local public water accesses around the area.

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