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Release Contest


2018 Release Contest Standings
(see below)

The "catch and release" philosophy was brought to Muskies Inc. in 1968 by Gil Hamm, the founder of Muskies Inc. By 1994, the release record of M.I. membership was 99.37%!
With the lunge log an angler can enter and record the details of each fish they catch - creating their very own muskie diary! The Muskies Inc Lunge Log now includes records of over 350,000 fish caught by it's members!

The Bemidji/Cass Lake chapter Release Contest is a fun way to see who caught the most and/or biggest muskie of the season.

Rules for the contest are simple:

  1. You have 30 days to register the fish on the Lunge Log from the day of catch and release.
  2. Muskies must have a 30 inch minimum.
  3. That's it!

Point calculation is as follows: four points for the first 30 inches, and one point per inch thereafter. (half inch = half point, quarter inch = quarter point) Measurements will be rounded down to nearest quarter of an inch.

Just a reminder that we do have a hybrid/tiger musky award this year. The same rule applies that the fish must be 30 inches to count. If you do catch one and would like to enter it please email me to let me know.

There are five divisions:

  • Men's masters
  • Women's masters
  • Men's
  • Women's
  • Junior's (must be under the age of 18)

(Masters divisions are for individuals that have entered over 50 fish in the Lunge log)

Please contact the release contest chairman - Brian Lesetmoe, if you are having trouble or need assistance entering your fish... 218-556-8792 or

Download the Chapter #46 REPLICA RULES

2018 Release FINAL Contest Standings
[ Updated March 6, 2019 ]

Division Name # of Fish Entered Total Points Largest Fish
Men's Masters:
  Mike Brister 31 447 49"
  Stu Wiegner 20 293 46.5"
  Rob Yuretich 1 21 46.5"
  Todd Williams 16 196 47.5"
  Matt Beulke 6 113 51"
  Brian Lesetmoe 9 112 45"
  Chris Thury 6 104 48"
  Lyle Lesetmoe 6 88 51"
  David McDougall 5 78 47.5"
  Nik White 1 30 56"
  Randy Henrikson 1 23 49"
  Dawn Williams 8 111 46"
  Evan Lesetmoe 9 106 44"
  Cole Schmidt 2 38 45"
  Marryn Willberg 2 14 34"
Lunker of the Month
June Lyle Lesetmoe 51"
July Matt Beulke 51"
August Randy Henrikson 49"
September Nik White 56"
October Rob Yuretich 46.5"
November Todd Williams 39"

Muskies must have a 30-inch minimum. Point Calculation: 4 points for the first 30 inches, one point per inch/one-half point per half-inch thereafter. Measurements will be rounded down to the nearest half-inch.

Questions? Contact Brian Lesetmoe - 218-556-8792 [ ]

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